Household and Domestic Staffing

The Assistant Company appreciates that every household is unique. We understand that what might be right for one client is not necessarily right for all, and we tailor each search to our client’s specific needs. A well-run home is more than just a luxury and finding a professional staff that you can trust is essential.

Our clients’ and candidates’ time are extremely valuable and as such, we meet with every candidate before submitting them to the client. The Assistant Company would prefer to send no resumes than to send those that are not right for the position. Selected candidates will generally be moved into a three-round interview process. This consists of first meeting the gatekeeper, then meeting the client, and ultimately performing a paid work trial within the client’s home. Inclusive in our search, we conduct all reference checks by personally speaking with previous employers and taking transcript of verbal references. We perform a federal background check that includes a social security trace, criminal arrest records, DMV reports, a sexual offender database search, and a credit check. Candidates can also be submitted for drug testing and personality testing for an additional fee.
We invite all of our candidates to an informal meeting at our offices to review their professional work history, and to determine their professional goals. Being veterans of personal service, we understand that compensation and title are not the end-all be-all and that quality of life and chemistry are vital to the long term success of any placement.

Privacy and discretion are out top priorities and all candidates are required to sign an iron-clad confidentiality agreement upon our initial office meeting.  Furthermore, our client/company names are not released to candidates until after they have been selected for an interview by the client.  A handful of the positions that we staff on a daily basis are listed below, however, we realize that titles are nebulous and duties will vary greatly by employer. 

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